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​​✔ Pick a new blend every day
✔ Never run out of inspiration again
✔ Start using your whole oil collection

Discover the NEW Blendpicker app for yourself.
Get inspired by many original diffuser blends.
Divided into collections so you can curate your own inspiration
Unlock instant entry to your first collection of diffuser blends.

The Blendpicker app is THE app for your daily diffuser blend inspiration.

Discover the large collection of diffuser blends, categorized by collections. There is always something new to discover!
Join over 500 users who use the app for daily inspiration.
Our mission? To inspire as many essential oil fans as possible so they can maximize the potential of their oil collection.

Download de Blendpicker app for free

Start making the most of your entire oil collection today.

The app looks amazing, has great blends for every moment of the day and year.
I use it every day.


Become a Blendpicker too,
and pick a new diffuser blend every day!

Stop the endless search for diffuser blends today!
Find all your inspiration in one place.

✔ Diffuser blends for every part of your day
✔ Categorized into collections suitable for seasons, moods, wellness, and holidays
✔ Use the app’s search function to discover blends with your favorite oil or based on your mood
✔ Only unique diffuser blends
✔ Select the inspiration you’d like to explore
✔ No subscription and always free inspiration available

All in one app, it can be that simple

Founder Karolien

Founder Blendpicker app Karolien

“ My diffuser blend recipes were all over the place.
The more I collected, the messier it got.
With a large collection of oils available I was still using only a few diffuser blends. I definitely didn’t use the full potential of my essential oil collection.
The Blendpicker App is the blend guide I was looking for. All my diffuser blends in one place and daily inspiration for every moment.”

“I use the app because I want to try new types of blends.”


Just keep it simple!

Discovering your ideal scent is very easy with the search function in the Blendpicker app. Use the search function to find the perfect blend based on your favorite oil. Add additional oils to create a personalized blend that suits your unique collection.

Not sure where to start? No problem! Search based on your mood and find a blend that suits exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need peace, energy or relaxation, there is always a mix that suits your mood.

Let the Blendpicker app simplify your aromatic journey: your perfect blend is just a search away.

Discover all the #blendspiration!

Discover all available collections in the Blendpicker app
Each collection contains 50 unique diffuser blends

  1. Autumn Collection: Embrace the essence of autumn with spicy blends, designed to complement the cozy vibes of the season.
  2. Winter Collection: Embrace the winter chill with fresh and warm blends, creating a comfortable indoor atmosphere.
  3. Spring Collection: Welcome the freshness of spring with soft blends that capture the spirit of renewal.
  4. Summer Collection: Infuse your space with the vibrancy of summer through blends crafted for a sunny atmosphere.
  5. Every Day Collection: Elevate the ordinary with accessible blends, perfect for infusing delightful scents into every moment.
  6. Citrus Collection: Invigorate your senses with refreshing and uplifting blends that add an energizing touch to your day.
  7. Feelings Collection: Navigate your emotions with calming, relaxing, and motivational blends that resonate with every mood.
  8. Christmas Collection: Infuse the festive spirit into your home with blends that capture the essence of Christmas.
  9. Sleep Collection: Wind down peacefully with blends designed to calm your senses and promote restful sleep.
  10. Purple Love Collection: Indulge in self-love and care with blends featuring oils from purple bottles, creating a soothing and nurturing experience.
  11. Green Team Collection: Join Team Green! Explore blends with green labeled oils, adding a touch of freshness and vitality.
  12. Focus Collection: Fine-tune your mornings and moments requiring extra concentration with blends that enhance clarity.
  13. The Basics Collection: For those starting out, find inspiration with blends using basic oils from Young Living. (Stress Away, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, DiGize, Thieves, Purification, RC, Copaiba) Includes 50 diffuser blends.
  14. Relax Collection: Create a serene haven in your home with blends designed to instill calmness and peace.
  15. Free Collection: Explore blends from all other collections in this free compilation. Be inspired and uncover the endless possibilities the Blendpicker app offers.

Enjoy exploring these collections in the Blendpicker app!

With the Blendpicker app you give yourself the best oil tool you can get!

15 collections

750 unique diffuser blends

Available for Android and iOS

More than 500 users

Experience the app for free and enjoy these exclusive benefits

✔ Get immediate access to the Free collection with 50 diffuser blends
✔ Create your own app inspiration by choosing from the different collections
✔ No compulsory purchases or commitments
✔ No need to provide payment details

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