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A journey into cozy evenings with essential oils

    Blog: A journey into cozy evenings with essential oils

    Cold winter evenings always bring such a magical atmosphere indoors. While everything outside quickly turns dark, it’s delightful to create warmth and the perfect ambiance inside. Soft music, cozy blankets, candles, or the crackling of the fireplace complete the picture. And let’s not forget the gentle sound of the diffuser, spreading a relaxing and warm fragrance throughout the room. Sounds like cozy evenings with essential oils.

    It’s the time to be together, laugh, and share precious moments with loved ones. But it’s also an invitation for some quality ‘me-time’ and to slow down and quieten alongside nature. These moments beckon you to pamper yourself and find serenity. You’re the best judge of which activity truly brings you deep relaxation. Maybe for you, it’s reading a book, taking a bath, meditating, being creative, or watching a movie.

    During all these relaxation moments, you can use scent to achieve an even deeper sense of calm. Let go of thoughts, the outside world, to-do lists, and everything racing through your mind by choosing oils that bring you peace.

    We’re sharing a few winter blends with you that you can immediately use to relax during a delightful me-time evening.

    A journey into cozy evenings with essential oils

    Time for comfort

    3 dr Bergamot
    2 dr Ginger
    2 dr Thieves

    Nestle down

    2 dr Frankincense
    2 dr Lavender
    2 dr Raven
    2 dr Thieves

    Cozy fireside

    2 dr Cinnamon Bark
    2 dr NLBS
    2 dr Pine

    But scent is so much more.
    Scent is a memory stored in your subconscious.
    The scent you associate with relaxation is unique to you. You might not find it in the blends we shared above. That’s why, in the Blendpicker app, you always have the option to search among many diffuser blend inspirations for the one that resonates with you. Use the search function to find the perfect blend for your me-time evening. Enter the oil of your choice and discover how many combinations can be made with that oil. Make your evening truly unique with the blend of your choice.

    Will you share with us which diffuser blend you chose?

    If you haven’t downloaded the free Blendpicker app yet, do it now! It’s free, and there are already 50 diffuser blends waiting for you. After exploring the app, you can choose to add more inspiration, such as the winter collection, for just €2.99.
    Read more info about the Blendpicker app.

    We wish you many relaxing moments this winter, filled with cozy evenings with essential oils.