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About Blendpicker

Founder: Karolien

“My blend recipes were all over the place. When I started using essential oils i wrote down several combinations in my notebook. With each blend I wrote a personal review so that I could easily look up my favorites. I got my inspiration mostly from the internet. My Pinterest account has a couple of boards with inspiration for blends. But looking up my favorites time and time again took too long. With this large blend collection available,

I was using only a couple of blends and was not using the full potential of my oils

Since 2019 I have my own essential oil start-up in The Netherlands to help women find their path towards a more natural lifestyle. Many of them told me that they really love the fact that I share my personal blends with them.
So, by collecting new blends every month I found a way to not only get inspiration for myself but also for my community.
While my Pinterest account kept growing each month I was looking for a digital way to keep track of my recipes.

This is where the idea of Blendpicker emerged.

Founder Blendpicker app Karolien

Funny Facts

  • If I had the choice between essential oils and chocolate, I’d pick chocolate.
  • To wind down I love to stroll at the beach or in the woods. And of course on the sofa with Peace & Calming in the diffuser.
  • I really (!) hate supermarkets an prefer to shop online.
  • I’m a pro at procrastinating chores I don’t like.

I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do!

The Blendpicker App is the blend guide i was looking for. All my blends in one place and daily inspiration for every occasion. With this app I never run out of inspiration and I want to share that experience with you. I’ve handpicked each and every recipe with care which resulted in a beautiful collection of daily inspiration.

I would love to know who is using the Blendpicker App. So please share your favorite diffuser blends by tagging me on your social media by using @blendpicker

Greetings, Karolien