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Christmas atmosphere with essential oils

    Blog Christmas Atmosphere with Essential Oils

    Christmas is one of the favorite times in our household. Our children have always been fond of the Christmas tree, meaning it arrives a bit earlier each year. The coziness of the lights, decorating together, and the growing number of gifts under the tree make the lead-up to Christmas extra special. But we also bring the Christmas atmosphere into our home with essential oils.

    I would describe the true Christmas atmosphere as cozy, warm, and grateful. I like to enhance this ambiance with the blends I use in the diffuser. This makes our home feel even more like Christmas.

    Every year, the classic diffuser blends like Christmas Spirit, Orange, and Cinnamon Bark make an appearance. However, I increasingly opt for less traditional blends with Valor, Joy, Believe, and Winter Nights. In my opinion, these better suit the Christmas atmosphere I want to create in my home with essential oils.

    Here are a few favorites diffuser blends I’d like to share with you:

    Diffuser blend 1: Together

    Tags: Happy – Hope – Peaceful

    2 drops Believe
    2 drops Bergamot
    2 drops Orange
    2 drops White Angelica

    Diffuser blend 2: Like Sunday Morning

    Tags: Acceptance – Grateful – Relieve

    2 drops Pine
    2 drops Sacred Mountain
    2 drops Vanilla

    Diffuser blend 3: Rockin’ Around

    Tags: Cheerful – Energy – Happy

    2 drops Juniper
    2 drops Lemongrass
    2 drops Orange
    2 drops Tangerine

    Christmas diffuser blends Christmas collection

    Christmas Collection

    You can find these and 47 other Christmas diffuser blends in the Christmas collection in the Blendpicker app.
    No worries! You’ll also find traditional blends like Santa’s Favorite, Oh So Jolly, Marry Madness, and many more. With these blends, you can bring the true Christmas atmosphere into your home with essential oils.

    A quick tip I want to share with you: If you opt for an artificial Christmas tree at home, choose a delightful blend from the Green Team Collection. Use it to create a room spray, bringing the outdoor scent indoors. Spray the room spray on wooden hangers and still enjoy that distinctive pine fragrance.

    We wish you a very Merry Christmas full of Blendspiration!

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    Christmas atmosphere with essential oils and home made gifts

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