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Create a magical Christmas!

Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas!
Let your home be embraced by the warmth and coziness of the holiday season. Explore the perfect scent combinations to elevate your Christmas experience and make it truly special.

The Christmas collection

Discover 50 unique Christmas diffuser blends in the BlendPicker app, making it even easier for you to create a true holiday atmosphere at home.
With the preparations for these days already taking up enough time, let the search for the perfect scent combinations be a seamless and simple process.

Christmas diffuser blends Christmas collection

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“My favorite Christmas diffuser blend is: Merry Everything.
With a combination of Cassia, Copaiba, Orange, and Vanilla, this blend instantly brings a festive atmosphere to your home.”


Feeling in the mood for more Christmas inspiration?

Download our Christmas freebie and explore 10 diffuser blends from the Christmas collection in advance.