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Create he best atmosphere with special tags for each diffuser blend in the Blendpicker app

Create the best atmosphere with special tags

Available for each diffuser blend in the BlendPicker app

Discover more than just a new diffuser blend with the Blendpicker app. Make conscious choices in the atmosphere you want to create using special tags designed for the best ambiance. Each oil possesses unique properties, and now, with these special tags, your aromatic journey becomes even more tailored to your preferences.

In the Blendpicker app, each diffuser blend features its own combination of tags, indicating the moods that perfectly complement the blend. This makes selecting the ideal combination of oils not only simpler but also more purposeful. No more guesswork, choose a diffuser blend quickly and easily that aligns with the desired atmosphere.

Explore the tags

Every blend in the Blendpicker app is equipped with 3 tags representing specific moods. These tags are carefully curated based on the individual properties of the oils. Choose a mood you’d like to create, such as Optimistic or Motivated. Alternatively, select a mood that aligns with how you want to feel, like Calm or Grounding. Finally, you can also choose the mood you are currently experiencing; the blend will enhance your current feelings. So, go ahead and embrace that Happy vibe!

The moods (tags) you encounter in the Blendpicker app are:

Optimistic, Happy, Energy, Refreshing, Motivated, Stimulated, Concentration, Inspired, Empowered, Playful, Radiant, Cheerful, Enchanted, Confident, Hope, Grounding, Zen, Blissful, Grateful, Relax, Relieve, Peaceful, Calm, Comfort, Serene, Courage, Patience, Acceptance, Connected.

Discover New Combinations

To easily find a blend that suits your mood or the atmosphere you want to create, utilize the search function. Try entering a mood instead of a specific oil and be surprised by new combinations that perfectly match your current state of mind. Whether you need an uplifting blend for more energy, a soothing mix for relaxation, or a scent that motivates you, there is plenty of inspiration to explore!

Take a different approach to exploring blends in the BlendPicker app and discover even more possibilities with your own oil collection! Explore special tags in the BlendPicker app designed to curate the best atmosphere for your space.

Let us know about your experiences with the Blendpicker app. Adding tags was a significant request from users of the first Blendpicker app, and we’re eager to hear what you want to share.
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