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Discover unique signature diffuser blend collections with Blendpicker

Discover unique signature diffuser blends

Imagine opening the door to your living room and immediately being enveloped by the warm aromas of an autumn forest, the refreshing scent of spring blossoms, or the comforting coziness of the holidays. That’s exactly what you can create with Blendpicker. And more!
In the app, you’ll discover 15 different collections designed to inspire you for every moment.The collections perfectly align with your mood, well-being, seasons, and holidays. Each collection consists of 50 unique diffuser blends. That’s 750 blends waiting for you to discover. Explore them all!

In this blog, we’ll delve into each collection, allowing you to decide which one to explore first.

Autumn Collection: Embrace the essence of autumn

Let yourself be enchanted by autumn with spicy blends that perfectly complement the cozy atmosphere of the season. Think of traditional blends with spicy cinnamon, warm vanilla, and earthy patchouli. But also, as you’d expect from us, unique blends with combinations that are just a little different from the norm.

Winter Collection: Embrace the winter chill with fresh and warm blends

Create a comfortable indoor space with fresh and warm blends that suit the winter ambiance. With scents of peppermint mixed with the warmth of cloves and cinnamon, these blends bring the coziness of crackling fires directly into your living room.

Spring Collection: Welcome the freshness of spring

Enjoy soft blends that capture the spirit of renewal and fill your space with freshness. Soft lavender and sweet orange bring the delightful spring season indoors. The Spring collection is available individually and also part of the four-season collection.

Summer Collection: Infuse your space with the vibrancy of summer

Bring the vibrations of summer to life with blends crafted for a sunny atmosphere. The blends in this collection capture the playful energy of summer days and bring an airy, positive atmosphere into your home.

Four season collection. Explore all diffuser blends in this collections.

The Four Season Collection

Discover the spring, summer, autumn, and winter collections in one bundle. Each collection features 50 unique diffuser blends. Give your Blendpicker app an instant boost with this bundle of 200 blends. Inspiration for every season, available at your fingertips.

Download the app directly from the store of your choice!

Everyday Collection: Elevate the ordinary with accessible blends

Perfect for adding delightful scents to every moment. Whether you’re working, enjoying a cup of coffee, or reading a book, these blends elevate the ordinary to something extraordinary. These are the blends you’ll want to make a part of your everyday routine.

Citrus Collection: Invigorate your senses with refreshing blends

Add an energetic touch to your day with refreshing and uplifting blends. These blends provide energy and a cheerful mood, perfect for starting your day or giving yourself an afternoon boost.

Feelings Collection: Navigate your emotions with calming and motivational blends

Resonate with every mood with calming, relaxing, and motivational blends. Whether you need calm after a busy day, a pick-me-up for focus, or motivation, these blends have the power to guide your emotions.

Christmas collection. Explore all diffuser blends in this collections.

Christmas Collection: Infuse your home with the spirit of Christmas

Bring the festive spirit into your home with blends that capture the essence of christmas. These blends bring the magic of christmas evenings and cozy family traditions directly to your home. Whether it’s christmas or not, this collection is a must-have for your personal Blendpicker app.

Sleep Collection: Wind down peacefully with calming blends

Indulge in blends that calm your senses and promote restful sleep. Create serene atmospheres with blends featuring lavender, chamomile, and cedarwood, designed to help you relax and let go of the day’s hustle and bustle, ensuring you can fall asleep with a peaceful mind.

Purple Love Collection: Indulge in self-love and care

Experience a soothing and nurturing journey with blends from the purple oil bottles. Create a moment of self-love and pampering, where the scents envelop you in a relaxed and loving ambiance.

Green Team Collection: Join Team Green!

Explore blends with oils sporting green labels for a touch of freshness and vitality. These blends bring the vibrant energy of green plants directly into your living space, creating a sense of freshness and vitality.

Focus collection. Explore all diffuser blends in this collections.

Focus Collection: Fine-tune your mornings with blends that enhance clarity

Optimize moments requiring extra concentration with blends that enhance clarity. Imagine surrounding yourself with the refreshing scent of peppermint, rosemary, and bright lemon, sharpening your mind and preparing you for the challenges of the day. These blends are like a scented alarm clock for your senses, perfect for dispelling the morning mist and enhancing your focus.

The Basics Collection: Inspiration for beginners

Find inspiration with blends using oils from the Young Living starter kit. This theme is ideal for beginners and a constant source of inspiration. This collection includes blends only with: Peppermint, Lemon, Thieves, Stress-Away, Purification, Digize, Lavender, Copaiba, Frankincense and RC.

Relax Collection: Create a serene haven in your home

Design a tranquil haven with blends that bring calmness and peace. These blends transform your home into an oasis of serenity, where stress fades away, and a sense of peace welcomes you. Perfect for relaxation after a busy day or during a quiet weekend.

Free Collection: Explore the app for free!

Explore blends from all other collections in this free compilation and discover endless possibilities. Get to know the Blendpicker app and experience the convenience of this tool.
Download the app for free!

Discover which blends resonate with your mood, well-being, and special moments in your life. Whether you choose the vibrant energy of the Summer Collection, the calming tones of the Sleep Collection, or checking the app for the first time with the Free Collection, Blendpicker always has the right inspiration for every moment.

Choose the collections that resonate with you or simply try them all! Each collection is available separately in the app, but keep an eye on bundle offers to obtain multiple collections at once. Want to try before you buy? Check out our freebies and explore the blends of a couple of collections.