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Get inspired by our freebies.

“Let me inspire you with our favorite diffuser blends.

Don’t forget to tell me what your favorite diffuser blend is!
Please tag me on Instagram by using @blendpicker whenever you use one of our recipes.
I really love to see which oily friends are using the Blendpicker App.”

Karolien, Founder

Founder Karolien Freebies paga

Use your essential oils all day, every day.

Use the Blendpicker App!

The Blendpicker app is THE app for your daily diffuser blend inspiration.
Choose from a large collection blends divided into themes. There is always something to discover.

Pick a blend anytime and anywhere.

With the Blendpicker app it has never been so easy.

Are you looking for a diffuser blend for a relaxed afternoon, a productive working day or a quiet night. Or are you looking for a blend that matches the season?
You will always find a blend that meets your needs.

Always a blend for every moment

Use the Blendpicker app!

In the Blendpicker app you can choose from a large collection of diffuser blends that are divided into themes. There are themes that match the seasons, holidays, wellness, health and emotions.
There is a blend for every moment!