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Blog: Positive vibes during the winter blues

The winter blues sometimes feels like an unwelcome guest trying to disrupt the cozy and snug winter vibe. But let’s be honest, we all have a bit of a struggle with those dark days, don’t we? Those gray skies and early sunsets can weigh heavily on your mood. Luckily, there are ways to outsmart the winter blues and create a cozy cocoon of warmth and positivity. So, let’s conquer that winter dip together by choosing the right essential oils, engaging in activities that bring joy, and looking ahead to what’s to come.

Essential oils

There are several oils you can use to feel better when you’re feeling a bit down or negative. However, these are just tips, and it’s essential to experience which oil suits you best.
Give these oils a chance to prove themselves to you: Lemon, Orange, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Chamomile, and Neroli.

You can use these oils by applying them to your skin, or you can incorporate them into a diffuser blend. We’re sharing some delightful blends with you.

Positive vibes during the winter blues

Feel good activities

There’s almost nothing that brings more joy than activities that make you feel good. Even if you’re not in the mood, it’s advisable to do them.

If you always feel good after a walk in the forest, do it now too. Bundle up, choose a familiar route, and enjoy the moment for yourself. You’ll notice that after doing something you enjoy, you genuinely feel much lighter.

Into the future

As a final tip to outsmart the winter blues, look ahead to what’s coming.
Grab your calendar or planner and look a few weeks ahead. Are there already appointments in your schedule, or can you plan something for that period now? With spring on the horizon, more outdoor activities are coming.

Start scheduling some now and notice that your thoughts are already in that uplifting atmosphere.

Some extra help during the winter blues

To help you through periods when you’re feeling a bit down, we’ve added a special collection to the Blendpicker app: the Feelings collection.
In this collection, you’ll find 50 diffuser blends that align with all the feelings you can experience. There are blends for extra self-confidence, dealing with anger, frustration, grief, sadness, etc.
These blends are here for you if you want to give your feelings space so that you can embrace them more easily. You don’t have to push them away; by giving them space, you can steer yourself towards the feeling you’d like to have.

Haven’t downloaded the free Blendpicker app yet?
Do it now! It’s free, and there are already 50 diffuser blends waiting for you.
After exploring the app, you can choose to supplement the inspiration with the Feelings collection. This collection of 50 diffuser blends can be added for just €2.99.

Read more info about the Blendpicker app.

Positive vibes during the winter blues