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Take a moment for yourself and relax

The aromatic diffusion of essential oils has a great effect on our emotions. A relaxed blend can give your me-time moment even more value.
It is therefore not surprising that this is one of the most used themes in the Blendpicker app.
Be inspired by our relax blends.

Enjoy a moment of absolutely nothing!

Relax theme diffuser blend
Diffuser blend blendpicker
Relax theme diffuser blend

Finding a diffuser blend is super easy.

In the Blendpicker app you can choose from a large collection of diffuser blends that are divided into themes. There are themes that match the seasons, holidays, wellness, health and emotions.
There is a blend for every moment!

Diffuser blend blendpicker
Relax theme diffuser blend

The winter theme is available in the free membership.

At Blendpicker we have two types of memberships for you.
Free and a Premium membership.

The Blendpicker app

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