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Blog: Relaxing Christmas

It’s always a delightful time when the holidays are approaching. However, the holidays don’t only bring joy. We don’t talk about it often, but it’s true. Many women experience stress before, during, and after the holidays. In this blog, we share tips for a relaxing Christmas.

Tip 1: Start preparations early

Nothing is as stressful as having to do last-minute shopping for the Christmas dinner. Crowded stores and empty shelves don’t really contribute to the Christmas spirit and can cause a lot of stress. Start preparations early, not just for the Christmas dinner but also for possibly getting gifts.
Decide early on what you want to cook and look up the recipes. Consider having the groceries delivered or make a list ahead of time to go to the supermarket during a quiet moment.
And as for gifts, you can get them well in advance. Put this on your to-do list as early as the beginning of December. And if you still need gifts, this blog will give you some Homemade Christmas Gifts Ideas.

And if you’re not a DIY queen, then opt for a super cute oily gift from the Blendpicker shop.

Tip 2: Give yourself extra rest and relaxation

We can handle stress and busyness for a short period if there is enough relaxation and rest to balance it out. Choose to consciously manage your sleep during this period. Make a conscious transition from evening to night to help ease into a relaxed and deep sleep.

Relaxing Christmas: Give yourself extra rest and relaxation

Turn off your TV or laptop early, and switch off your phone. Choose a relaxing blend that helps you unwind. Snuggle up with a good book under a blanket, let go of the day, and make room for the night. The diffuser blends from the Sleep and Relax Collection are perfect for a relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep.
You might not think about it in the context of a relaxing Christmas, but allowing yourself moments of peace certainly contributes.

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Tip 3: Create the atmosphere you want

Adjust the atmosphere in your home to your liking by steering it with a good scent combination where necessary. Expecting a lot of hustle and bustle? Opt for a Christmas blend with relaxing properties. Does the company you expect need a bit of excitement? Choose a Christmas blend with stronger and spicier scents. And if you want to keep the group active until dinner, go for a Christmas blend with uplifting properties.

Christmas diffuser blends Christmas collection

Each Christmas blend in the Christmas Collection has three tags. This makes it easy to assess whether it’s the right blend for the right moment. Set the atmosphere to your liking and discover how much a scent combination can truly do. Choose consciously for a relaxing Christmas.

In this blog, Christmas Atmosphere with Essential Oils, you’ll find some inspiration from the Christmas collection.
But make it easy for yourself and choose to add the Christmas collection for €1.99 to your Blendpicker app. That way, you’ll have the convenience throughout the festive month.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas full of Blendspiration!

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Relaxing Christmas